"September Gold, Okangan”  Oil on canvas, 33x66 in, 2019.

"September Gold, Okangan” Oil on canvas, 33x66 in, 2019.

Engaged with and aware of the extensive history of Canadian landscape painting, Rod Charlesworth is committed to providing his viewers with a refreshing, often celebratory approach to the landscape. His work consciously comments on beauty and the ephemeral within the landscape, done so in a manner of mark making that is unique to his visual vocabulary. Rod received a diploma in fine arts from Okanagan College in the 1970s and has been exhibiting across Canada since then.

Summer Exhibition at SpearHead Winery

Tutt Street Gallery and SpearHead Winery in Kelowna have paired up for a satellite exhibition of 4-5 new Okanagan inspired works by Rod Charlesworth. SpearHead Winery is located at 3950 Spiers Road in East Kelowna, and is open daily from 11am - 5:30pm. Call either Tutt Street Gallery, or SpearHead winery to inquire about works.





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